Silver Medallion - INITIALS
Silver Medallion - INITIALS
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Silver Medallion - INITIALS
Silver Medallion - INITIALS Silver Medallion - INITIALS


Silver Medallion - INITIALS

Our beloved engraver has retired! We are currently seeking a new engraver to take his place. So in the meantime, we are selling blank discs in lots of 5 for $20 and you are welcome to arrange your own engraving. If you would like to order this pack of 5, please email us:

Suspended off the 'branches' are custom engraved medallions that are located to indicate family connections but are free of the traditional family tree rigidity. Each nickel silver medallion is 13mm in dia and has a brushed finish with 2 initials representing each family member. Nickel silver has the same beautiful lustre as silver but doesn't tarnish as easily, meaning your medallions will always look their best. Medallions are also sold individually so as your family grows so too can your Family Tree. To create your family tree, simply select your frame size and add the number of silver medallions required for your order. As all family trees are hand assembled in fortnightly production runs, please let us know the date you require it delivered. Please note the initials required within the text box below. Once your order has been processed, we will be in touch to confirm your family structure.

Pricing is per medallion. During checkout the total amount will be calculated.


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