Bilingual is a believer in a sustainable world. In this belief we partnered with Climate Positive and now Yonderr to work towards running a more sustainable business. Yonderr provided us access to tools & research that enabled us to understand our carbon emissions as well as possible steps to reduce these from their current levels.

Once our carbon emissions were calculated we made the decision to purchase offset credit package and become carbon neutral. Together with our staff, we have begun to reduce waste & rethink our work practices. These include committing to using public transport for meetings, increasing recycling efforts including paper & production materials, implementing power saving strategies & using recycled printer cartridges as well as all our products being locally made therefore reducing freight consumption. Bilingual has also committed to include operational impacts in all future organisational planning.

Becoming carbon neutral is about making a statement towards a sustainable world and we believe it's important to give back as much as you take in life. Businesses should play a pivotal role regardless of how small or large you are.