Sydney based designer Marta Niegowska, had a budding urge to create, so she took on the age old form of moulding wax into shapes to form her unique unisex jewellery & design collections that make the label Bilingual.

After exploring a range of concepts and ideas, it was the series of interlocking silver rings made by Marta for her partner to wear while he was away, that got people talking and the designer soon found herself taking orders for colleagues and friends. She soon launched Bilingual at the Powerhouse Museum Youngblood Design Markets during Sydney Design Week in 2005. Since Bilingual's inception the label regularly exhibits at key galleries around Sydney and travels around Australia showcasing our designs & spreading the Bilingual philosophy.

Niegowska explores various ideas through her pieces that induce humour or provoke thought. More than just a beautiful adornment, wearers of Marta's designs are drawn to her concepts as much as her craftsmanship and she designs to open people's minds to discover meaningful design. Marta specialises in contemporary designer rings, unique handmade gifts, unusual wedding rings, graduation gifts & family trees. Each design engages an individual with the symbolic nature of her work.

The designer will wear a design prototype for some months to gauge its functionality and success as a piece for the collection. Due to this extended process, she tends to design one concise collection per year. Thereby giving each piece longevity, and in keeping with the emerging slow fashion trends, which are a nice alternative to the jewellery houses of today, where "it" pieces come and go each season. The results are ergonomic and intriguing pieces that feel timeless but modern. Additionally, all of Bilingual's collections are all completed with the use of 100% Australian recycled precious metals in short production runs.

Bilingual's modern style has been appealing to the design conscious the world over, with clients commissioning one off pieces & custom wedding rings. With a loyal following and Bilingual available worldwide online and the 2013 opening of our Flagship Bilingual Store in Lilyfield, Sydney it's exciting to imagine what the future holds  for  our  label.