Liberty Cuff Bangle
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Liberty Cuff Bangle

Liberty Cuff Bangle Liberty Cuff Bangle Liberty Cuff Bangle Liberty Cuff Bangle


Liberty Cuff Bangle

This bangle cuff is designed with a sense of freedom in mind. The sterling silver piece is worn with the two geometric cuff ends proudly featured on top of the wrist. These feature ends share a strong connection and yet are separated by a deliberate gap; they appear free floating! This stunning piece is minimal yet bold, slender yet strong; a true pleasure to wear! To work out your best size, simply use a flexible tape measure or string to measure your wrist. As these cuffs are made to your size, please allow 1-2 weeks, and if you need it sooner just let us know. (Please note that the last image is a custom variation of our Liberty Cuff, featuring yellow gold ends. Please contact us if you would like to make a custom modification to our Liberty Cuff design)
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