Remodel Jewellery

Remodeling jewellery can be remarkably valuable when you can have it transformed into custom jewellery that you will actually wear and enjoy. It’s no longer wasted, lying around in a drawer! If you desire a new eternity ring or a bespoke jewellery piece, consider reusing your stones and gold and reap the benefits! What could you create with your unused or inherited jewellery?

Patricia had a collection of jewellery pieces she once loved, but no longer wore. None had particular sentimental value, so she was happy to use as much gold as was need and trade in the rest for credit on her new piece. Her custom made “P” brooch is now the new family heirloom!

Sue had a collection of rings she had inherited from her mother and grandmother. They all possessed strong sentimental value, however none of them appealed to her sense of style. Now Sue wears her new custom made ring everyday while preserving her fond memories.

There is a fine art to creating stunning custom jewellery from a collection of somewhat unrelated gold pieces and gemstones. Our award winning service ensures you are in the best possible hands! So what can you reuse and how much does it cost? How long does it take and how is a design established? Download our free comprehensive eBook to learn about what’s involved in remodeling jewellery.