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Creating Personalised Jewellery With Meaning

Creating personalised jewellery is the perfect way to give a meaningful gift to someone special! Whether it’s an anniversary, graduation, birthday, milestone  – or any other special event – these three techniques will help you get it just right!


Symbolism can be a unique and powerful way to add meaning to jewellery! It allows you to communicate something that has meaning for you and the person you are creating the piece for – a thoughtful and unique connection!

personalised jewellery_pearl_brooch_anniversary_gift_pea_pod_10_years_marriage

Daniel had this ‘peas in a pod’ brooch custom-made of silver and pearls. He presented it to Rebecca to celebrate their 10 years of marriage together. The three pearls represent their three children and while the pod-form suggests the closeness and intimacy of their relationship.

personalised jewellery_personalised_jeweller_thin_gold_bracelet_knot_contemporary_friendship_bracelet

The concept behind our ‘Woven’ collection explores the way we become entwined with someone during a particular period of our life. The pieces in this series feature a fluid, enhanced loop that represents the point when paths cross and become ‘woven’ together.

Personalised jewellery_personalised_jewellery_personalize_meaning_silver_cross_x_necklace_30_year_anniversary_gift

This sterling silver pendant features the Roman numerals XXX. The characters form a beautifully sculptured piece that is both subtle and symbolic of a 30 year wedding anniversary.

Date Jewellery

Commemorate an important date with a personalised jewellery piece! This technique is a great way to create meaningful jewellery for milestone occasions such as birthdays, weddings, graduations or other significant achievements that are worth celebrating!

personalised jewellery_Custom_Milestone_Earrings_Reuse_Gold_Diamond_studs_roman_numerals_fb_wedding_anniversary_gift_idea

To create these ‘Milestone’ earrings, we reused the material from a diamond ring that our client had and sourced a second diamond to match the first. The earrings feature a custom date to celebrate her completion of a Masters degree.

personalise jewellery_momento_date_roman_numeral_cufflinks_custom_design_mens+corporate_graduation_anniversary_gift_sterling_silver_engrave_initial_professional

Our ‘Momento’ range features a special date in Roman numerals around the outside edge of the design. In addition, you can include engraved initials to make them even more personal!

personalised jewellery_emerald_momento_birthday_ring_gift_gold_green_date_roman_numerals

This ‘Momento’ ring was a special gift from a father to his daughter. Her birth date is included in Roman numerals on the outside edge of the ring. Since her birthday is in May, the ring is adorned by some lovely brilliant-cut emeralds. How thoughtful!

Name Jewellery

There are lots of ways to add the names of loved ones to personalised jewellery pieces! For example, you could consider adding hidden engraving, geometric arrangements of letters, bold initials or embossed lettering to give your jewellery that personal touch!


This ring includes the first initials of the names of our client’s 3 children. It also includes a contemporary two-tone mix of white and rose gold, which makes for a very special piece indeed! Can you spot A, E and N ?


Personalised cufflinks are the perfect for graduations, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, promotions – and any other celebration, really! Customise as you please with your choice of metal, initials or gemstones. These ones feature contemporary, bold initials.


This pendant displays the names of our client’s children in embossed lettering along the outside edge. It also includes the children’s birthstones: a stunning green peridot and a rim of pave-set diamonds!

Browse our Date Jewellery collections for the perfect gift with meaning, or find some inspiration for your next personalised jewellery piece! 


What to Ask Before Handing Over Your Memories

Beyond the monetary value, your jewellery contains memories of people, places and life experiences. Remodelling can be a valuable way of making sure your special pieces continue to be worn instead of lying around in a draw, unused and forgotten.

But while the prospect of owning a new, bespoke jewellery piece is exciting, the idea of your fond memories being melted down with your old gold, can raise a few questions! Having a clear idea of the process, and how the sentiment of your jewellery can be preserved and even enhanced, can help you feel more at ease about remodelling your jewellery.

So, what should you ask before handing over your memories?

Q. My jewellery is precious to me. How do I know it will be safe?

Let’s be upfront: while it is highly unlikely that your jewellery will be damaged in the process of remodelling, there is always a possibility. Sometimes, old stones may chip or crack. We take the utmost care, however, we are unable to accept responsibility for any materials that may become damaged in the process of remodelling.

Q. Can I keep some parts of the old design?

Yes / possibly. This can be a great way of retaining a more obvious connection to your old jewellery piece and the memories associated with it. Often, people choose to keep the stone setting intact and we incorporate it into the new design. Each transformation is different and we are happy to discuss the various options that could work with your unique pieces and design direction.

Q. What metals can be reused?

We can remodel gold (of any carat and colour) and platinum. We don’t reuse silver, titanium or tungsten carbide. While Silver melts well, it has a low value compared to labour costs required to transform it. Titanium and tungsten carbide are unsuitable for remodelling.

Q. Can I reuse gemstones?

Yes! But bear in mind that some gemstones are more fragile than others and old stones may break easier if they’ve been knocked around a bit. Diamonds and sapphires are the best for remodelling because they are hardy stones.

Q. How much does it cost?

Some custom jobs may cost as little as $500, while others may be a few thousand. Some people may have enough gold or platinum to credit their job without going into extra cost. Rest assured that any design option we present you with will fit within your own budget guide.

Q. How long does it all take?

The whole process, from initial contact and consultation through to the completion of the product can take anywhere from 3 weeks – 3 months. This is influenced mainly by the complexity of the design and the processes involved in making it.


^ Sue created this stunning ring by reusing diamonds and a topaz that she had inherited.

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