Design Your Own Engagement Ring in 4 Steps

With such a significant moment in your life, it’s important to get the ring right! But that’s not always an easy task… It can be hard to design your own engagement ring when the options seem endless! Would a simple engagement ring suit your style? Or is a bespoke sapphire engagement ring the right choice for you?

We’ve identified 4 key elements to help you design your own engagement ring.



How will your engagement ring symbolise your relationship and your journey together? We have a questionnaire that can help you gather your thoughts and distinguish what you would most like your ring to represent.


This platinum engagement ring and wedding band features a series of emerald and baguette cut diamonds. The art deco inspired style presents a unique geometric aesthetic. The layout and number of diamonds have been designed specifically to symbolise the couple’s journey together.


To narrow down the style that best suits you, it can be helpful to gather images of rings you like and identify what it is about them that appeals to you most. Don’t feel like you need to stick to one type – sometimes a combination of elements and styles can help you design your own engagement ring that is perfectly unique and tailored to you! Using these images as a springboard, we can work together to uncover your perfect engagement ring style.


Cassie’s custom engagement ring is a unique combination of traditional elegance and contemporary form. It has a smooth band of rose and white gold with a 0.9 carat diamond that appears to float!


Do you want a gemstone that takes centre stage, or is a cluster of smaller gems more your style? Either way, you’ll want something durable that will last the distance. For this reason, stones like sapphires, diamonds or rubies can be a great choice! Once you know what look you want to go for, we can help you source the right stone for your design and your budget. Or if you already have a stone you want to use, we can work with that too!


This feature black sapphire makes a stunning engagement stone!


You can create a stunning engagement ring on a range of budgets, so knowing how much you’d like to spend will help narrow down the right ring for you.


Peter’s focus was to create a unique form that was free of gemstones.

How would you design your own engagement ring? Browse our wedding and engagement ring options and request our free eBook to learn more!

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