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Our 3 Best Jewellery Moments in 2017

Our best jewellery moments have been hard to narrow down! 2017 has been a wonderful year at Bilingual as we’ve enjoyed creating unique and innovative jewellery and sharing our ideas with you!

So among many, here are just a few things we’ve particularly enjoyed and been grateful for this year…

1. Surprise Visits

It was great to have some surprise visitors at our Lilyfield store! One lady stopped in, having first met us at Paddington Markets over 4 years ago. She had bought a silver Act Trois ring and it was great to show her what we’ve been working on since then.


It was also a pleasant surprise to receive a visit from a couple we met in Melbourne 6 years ago. They had bought matching Act Deux rings and have been wearing them ever since. When they came in and visited us in Lilyfield, we had the pleasure of making them Union wedding rings!


2. Beautiful Materials

It’s such a joy to work with beautiful materials, and sourcing this AMAZING pink sapphire was a particular highlight.  It was such a beautiful stone! We do love sapphires, particularly, because they are hardy gems and come in an array of gorgeous colours.

Take a look at some of our projects with sapphires, here.



3. Fun New Designs!

Another of our best jewellery moments this year was the addition of new pieces to our Echo collection.  The potential for mixing, matching and stacking has provided endless options for creativity! We still can’t choose a favourite!


Likewise, we were so pleased with the outcome of our new ‘Journey’ collection (below). Each pendant features two different cabochon gemstones. The design is fun, clever, surprising and modern – everything we hoped for!

Now available online!


We can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store!

Creating Personalised Jewellery With Meaning

Creating personalised jewellery is the perfect way to give a meaningful gift to someone special! Whether it’s an anniversary, graduation, birthday, milestone  – or any other special event – these three techniques will help you get it just right!


Symbolism can be a unique and powerful way to add meaning to jewellery! It allows you to communicate something that has meaning for you and the person you are creating the piece for – a thoughtful and unique connection!

personalised jewellery_pearl_brooch_anniversary_gift_pea_pod_10_years_marriage

Daniel had this ‘peas in a pod’ brooch custom-made of silver and pearls. He presented it to Rebecca to celebrate their 10 years of marriage together. The three pearls represent their three children and while the pod-form suggests the closeness and intimacy of their relationship.

personalised jewellery_personalised_jeweller_thin_gold_bracelet_knot_contemporary_friendship_bracelet

The concept behind our ‘Woven’ collection explores the way we become entwined with someone during a particular period of our life. The pieces in this series feature a fluid, enhanced loop that represents the point when paths cross and become ‘woven’ together.

Personalised jewellery_personalised_jewellery_personalize_meaning_silver_cross_x_necklace_30_year_anniversary_gift

This sterling silver pendant features the Roman numerals XXX. The characters form a beautifully sculptured piece that is both subtle and symbolic of a 30 year wedding anniversary.

Date Jewellery

Commemorate an important date with a personalised jewellery piece! This technique is a great way to create meaningful jewellery for milestone occasions such as birthdays, weddings, graduations or other significant achievements that are worth celebrating!

personalised jewellery_Custom_Milestone_Earrings_Reuse_Gold_Diamond_studs_roman_numerals_fb_wedding_anniversary_gift_idea

To create these ‘Milestone’ earrings, we reused the material from a diamond ring that our client had and sourced a second diamond to match the first. The earrings feature a custom date to celebrate her completion of a Masters degree.

personalise jewellery_momento_date_roman_numeral_cufflinks_custom_design_mens+corporate_graduation_anniversary_gift_sterling_silver_engrave_initial_professional

Our ‘Momento’ range features a special date in Roman numerals around the outside edge of the design. In addition, you can include engraved initials to make them even more personal!

personalised jewellery_emerald_momento_birthday_ring_gift_gold_green_date_roman_numerals

This ‘Momento’ ring was a special gift from a father to his daughter. Her birth date is included in Roman numerals on the outside edge of the ring. Since her birthday is in May, the ring is adorned by some lovely brilliant-cut emeralds. How thoughtful!

Name Jewellery

There are lots of ways to add the names of loved ones to personalised jewellery pieces! For example, you could consider adding hidden engraving, geometric arrangements of letters, bold initials or embossed lettering to give your jewellery that personal touch!


This ring includes the first initials of the names of our client’s 3 children. It also includes a contemporary two-tone mix of white and rose gold, which makes for a very special piece indeed! Can you spot A, E and N ?


Personalised cufflinks are the perfect for graduations, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, promotions – and any other celebration, really! Customise as you please with your choice of metal, initials or gemstones. These ones feature contemporary, bold initials.


This pendant displays the names of our client’s children in embossed lettering along the outside edge. It also includes the children’s birthstones: a stunning green peridot and a rim of pave-set diamonds!

Browse our Date Jewellery collections for the perfect gift with meaning, or find some inspiration for your next personalised jewellery piece! 


Design Your Own Engagement Ring in 4 Steps

With such a significant moment in your life, it’s important to get the ring right! But that’s not always an easy task… It can be hard to design your own engagement ring when the options seem endless! Would a simple engagement ring suit your style? Or is a bespoke sapphire engagement ring the right choice for you?

We’ve identified 4 key elements to help you design your own engagement ring.



How will your engagement ring symbolise your relationship and your journey together? We have a questionnaire that can help you gather your thoughts and distinguish what you would most like your ring to represent.


This platinum engagement ring and wedding band features a series of emerald and baguette cut diamonds. The art deco inspired style presents a unique geometric aesthetic. The layout and number of diamonds have been designed specifically to symbolise the couple’s journey together.


To narrow down the style that best suits you, it can be helpful to gather images of rings you like and identify what it is about them that appeals to you most. Don’t feel like you need to stick to one type – sometimes a combination of elements and styles can help you design your own engagement ring that is perfectly unique and tailored to you! Using these images as a springboard, we can work together to uncover your perfect engagement ring style.


Cassie’s custom engagement ring is a unique combination of traditional elegance and contemporary form. It has a smooth band of rose and white gold with a 0.9 carat diamond that appears to float!


Do you want a gemstone that takes centre stage, or is a cluster of smaller gems more your style? Either way, you’ll want something durable that will last the distance. For this reason, stones like sapphires, diamonds or rubies can be a great choice! Once you know what look you want to go for, we can help you source the right stone for your design and your budget. Or if you already have a stone you want to use, we can work with that too!


This feature black sapphire makes a stunning engagement stone!


You can create a stunning engagement ring on a range of budgets, so knowing how much you’d like to spend will help narrow down the right ring for you.


Peter’s focus was to create a unique form that was free of gemstones.

How would you design your own engagement ring? Browse our wedding and engagement ring options and request our free eBook to learn more!


10 Year Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Coming up with the right wedding anniversary ideas to celebrate 10 years of marriage can be a difficult task! Thankfully, our Momento Date Jewellery collection gives you some great options! You can symbolise your 10 year wedding anniversary with Roman numerals in a range of jewellery designs, all custom made to suit you and your partner.

Here are our most sought after 10 year wedding anniversary ideas:

Wedding Anniversary Pendant Set

Commemorate your milestone 10 year anniversary with a range of pendant options for men and women. Best of all, these timeless designs will suit everyday wear.


Our client selected this Silhouette Pendant & Momento Pendant in sterling silver to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Even though the designs differ, the Roman numeral date links them together.

Wedding Anniversary Ring set

Include some new additions to your wedding ring set! Freshen up your look with a new metal or maybe even add some sparkle with gemstones.

wedding_anniversary_ideas_rose_gold_ring_diamond_roman_numeral_date_gift_wedding anniversary ideas

Rose gold can offer a contemporary addition to a wedding set due to its subtle colouring which suits most skin tones and therefore pairs beautifully with white gold. The above design also includes a subtle sparkle with three bezel-set diamonds within the special date.


The dual dates on this gold ‘Momento’ ring celebrate the wedding date and a special anniversary date. So you might even consider adding your child’s birthday!

Wedding Anniversary Jewellery Set

If you’re after some wedding anniversary ideas with a point of difference, why not mix it up with some earrings or cufflinks? Choose from our standard Momento or Milestone ranges or customise them with your own choice of gemstones.


Do you have jewellery that you would like to reuse? To create these ‘Milestone’ stud earrings, we reused the gold from a diamond ring that our client had and sourced a second diamond to match! So reusing some of your old jewellery is a great alternative.


These stunning silver ‘Momento’ cufflinks are a great gift for a special occasion! Your wedding date can be featured in roman numerals in a subtle way around the outside face. You can further personalise these cufflinks with engraved initials on the front face.


These custom-made silver ‘Momento’ cufflinks also feature engraved initials and hammer-set diamonds. A very special gift indeed! How would you customise your own Momento cufflinks?

Want More Wedding Anniversary Ideas ?

Either see more wedding anniversary ideas from our collection, here. 

Or our Bilingual Anniversary Guide has wedding anniversary ideas for every milestone year of marriage!


How to Buy a Conflict Free Diamond: Making Ethical Jewellery Choices

So you’re about to take the plunge and buy a diamond – but how do you know that you’ll buy a conflict free diamond?

At Bilingual, we guarantee the suppliers we use are legitimate and so you can rest easy when we source diamonds and other gemstones for your custom jewellery piece. But if you’d like to find one yourself, how should you go about it? How do you know what to get or where to get it from?

Here are our tips for how to make more ethical jewellery choices when shopping for a diamond.

1. Do your research.

Unfortunately, there’s not quick way about it. If you want to have peace of mind that you’re making ethical jewellery choices in buying a conflict free diamond, you have to do your own research.

A few points to consider…

  • Educate yourself about ‘conflict diamonds’ and ‘blood diamonds’, where they are sourced, and which companies are known to deal in them. Look up human rights agencies, like Amnesty International, to find out which countries are linked to human rights abuse in their diamond mining practices or use the profits of mining to fund conflict. Avoid buying diamonds that come from these countries.
  • Instead, look to buy diamonds that come from countries that follow environmental standards and protect human rights, such as Australia or Canada. Not all diamonds from Africa are linked to armed conflict and human rights abuse. Namibia and Botswana enforce strict labor and environmental standards and seek to create jobs through small-scale miners and large-scale industry, leading to the development of their countries.
  • Find a company that has a good reputation for sourcing their stones from reputable mines and has good employee and environmental policies.

This breathtaking pear-cut cognac coloured diamond hails from the Argyle mine in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, which is the largest single producer of diamonds in the world. Yet to be set, here it is pictured in a gemstone ring holder… What setting could we design for you!?

2. Consider synthetic diamonds.

Have you thought about synthetically grown diamonds? This can make it easier to buy a conflict free diamond that also employs more ethical and sustainable methods of using the earth’s resources.

While possessing the same sparkle, physical and chemical characteristics as natural, ground-grown diamonds, synthetic diamonds (AKA man-made or lab-grown) are also less expensive.

Just don’t confuse them with “fake” diamond simulants (such as cubic zirconia), which are not of the same substance of diamond.


Synthetically-grown diamonds are not the same as “fake” diamonds. They possess all the same characteristics as naturally-grown diamonds, just the process occurs in a lab instead of the ground.

3. Don’t buy a new diamond, reuse one!

Consider re-using a family heirloom or buying vintage or antique diamonds. We can refashion the setting for you and reuse the stone. Though you may not know where the stone has come from originally, reusing a diamond enriches sustainability and puts less pressure on mining demand.


To create this ‘Milestone’ ring, Charlotte reused this diamond she inherited from her grandmother. The bezel setting also makes the stone appear larger – no complaints here!

4. When you buy a conflict free diamond, make sure it’s certified.

Opt for a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certification. which is the most respected laboratory and provides the highest standard of diamond grading. They are well-reputed for their incredibly consistent grading and have no financial stake in the sale of diamonds.

If you already have a diamond, you can send it off to GIA for certification.

EGL (European Gemological Laboratory) and IGL (International Gemological Institute) also provide certification, but are not as highly reputed as GIA and may use a weaker grading system.



5. Get personal

Buying online can be convenient, and there are some  reputable online dealers that can help you buy a conflict free diamond. But you don’t really know a diamond until you see it with your own eyes. The way it sparkles, the colours it throws – these things need to be experienced in real life and can’t be properly understood through a screen – no matter how good the photograph or video clip!

So if you do choose to buy a conflict free diamond online, make sure you check out the returns policy before you commit.


To create their wedding bands, our clients came to us with diamonds they had sourced themselves from overseas. 

The upside to all this research and hard work is the peace of mind you’ll have while enjoying an ethical gem that you love!

Check out the gallery of pieces we’ve made from diamonds that our clients have reused.



From the Cradle: A Versatile and Unique Stacking Ring


Over the years, our ‘Cradle’ design has been embraced as a versatile, fun and unique stacking ring! From its debut as a Bilingual collection piece in 2012 to its incorporation into one-off custom rings, this simple design has offered a great range of versatility in it’s ability to adapt a variety of metal choices, gemstones and stacking combinations. This versatility allows a great degree of personalisation, making ‘Cradle’ an attractive option for wedding sets.

The Original Cradle

The inspiration behind the Cradle collection lies in the sense of protection and warmth that comes from an embrace.

The ergonomic design, with its rounded interior, results in an extremely comfortable fit. Due to the ‘D’ shape, the ring is able to slide over the knuckle sideways and then twists to lock in place, stopping it from spinning on the finger.


This innovation makes the cradle shape sit properly as a stacking ring and provides a perfect foundation to display gemstones! When creating unique stacking ring combinations, points of variance can be made with different metal combinations, stones, thicknesses, colour and shape of the top bar.



^ Classic Cradle in rose, yellow and white gold.

Side Stones

The versatility of the Cradle design is enhanced by its ability to adopt a wide variety of gemstones and settings to create unique stacking ring combinations. Over the years, it has supported various colours, cuts and carats in both Bilingual collection pieces and custom designs.

The off-set stone placement (below) allows stones to sit flat against the hand. This can be particularly useful when incorporating larger stones into a ring and enables the bezel to sit comfortably with other rings.
White _Sapphire_Cradle_modern_australian_ring_design_yellow_gold_9ct_engagement_wedding_Unique_stacking_ring_different_combinations_stackers_creative_australian_designer_jewellery_versatile_classic_trendy_new_fashion_silver_gold_rose_whitegreen_sapphire_leaf_marquise_rose_gold_cradle_ring_bilingual_design_australia_white_Unique_stacking_ring_different_combinations_stackers_creative_australian_designer_jewellery_versatile_classic_trendy_new_fashion_silver_gold_rose_whiteCradle_ring_yellow_gold_pink_square_Sapphire_unique_stacking_ring_different_combinations_stackers_creative_australian_designer_jewellery_versatile_classic_trendy_new_fashion_silver_gold_rose_white

 ^ White round sapphire set in 9ct yellow gold; green marquise sapphire set in 9ct rose gold; pink square sapphire set in 9ct yellow gold.

The signature Cradle shape was quickly adapted into the Milestone ring (below), which commemorates a moment in time. Inspired by the notion of a historical timeline, the top of the ring forms a line that is pin-pointed with a bezel-set stone to reflect a significant moment. The bezel also subtly features a date in Roman numerals along the outside face.Unique_stacking_ring_different_combinations_stackers_creative_australian_designer_jewellery_versatile_classic_trendy_new_fashion_silver_gold_rose_white_two_tone_diamond_white_sapphire_gemstoneUnique_stacking_ring_different_combinations_stackers_creative_australian_designer_jewellery_versatile_classic_trendy_new_fashion_silver_gold_rose_white_wedding_set_large_diamond_gemstone_two_tone

^ The Milestone + Cradle combination has had success as a customisable wedding set, enhanced by its ability of incorporate a variety of gemstones, metals and thicknesses, as well as display the special date in Roman numerals.

keshi_pearl_freshwater_collection_cradle_oxidised_textures_white_yellow_rose_gold_silver_stack_stacking_ring_Unique_stacking_ring_different_combinations_stackers_creative_australian_designer_jewellery_versatile_classic_trendy_new_fashion_silver_gold_rose_white^ Keshi & Freshwater Pearl Cradles – do you have a favourite stacking combination? Find the range, here.

Centre Stones

Our 2016 Design Show revealed new additions to the Cradle family with fresh centrestone designs. These centered, elevated bezels are perfect for stacking and allow the rings to sit snugly with other Cradle designs.

^ Centre Cradle rings: 9ct yellow gold with a 7mm black sapphire; sterling silver with an oval amethyst.

Cradle Pavé

Cradle Pavé  adopts the classic slimline Cradle design but also features a row of brilliant pavé-set diamonds that can be matched up and stacked with our other rings. Available in rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, silver and platinum, this little stunner is perfect for a wedding band and can accompany a custom made Cradle engagement ring. If you want to get more creative, the Cradle Pavé ring can be made with your choice of any precious gemstones!


^ (Top) White gold Pavé with diamonds paired with rose gold; (Above) The Cradle Pavé in white gold pairs perfectly with this Centre Cradle, featuring a stunning round white sapphire! Find it in our collection, here.

Custom Cradles

Do you have your own vision for a unique stacking ring combination? We can help you create your own Cradle!  Why not re-use your old stones and gold and personalise the design to suit you?


^ Lara’s custom rose gold rings have adapted our classic Cradle design to feature a white freshwater pearl and a light blue Ceylon sapphire. Versatile, interchangeable, stackable – we’re sure she’ll have a lot of fun with these little gems!

^ The Cradle design is also able to cater to different shaped stones, such as this large, oval opal. This custom-made white gold ring features diamonds either side of the captivating oval-shaped opal and stacks with a minimal white gold bar ring. The shape has been slightly altered to accommodate the stones and create adequate length.


^ To create this custom white gold and diamond ring, our client reused stones from two different rings. A particular point of difference is the use of a princess-cut diamond instead of a round. We think it looks great!


^ Sera came to us with this stunning (and huge!!!) aquamarine. The shape of our Cradle design was perfect for allowing the stone to sit securely on her finger without being too high and cumbersome. The side-setting enables the stone to nestle between the fingers, while the ‘D’ shape of the ring stops the stone from spinning around.


^ Joanne added her round Australian blue sapphire, complete with its own bexel, to a flush row of hammer-set diamonds.


^ This unique stacking ring set is designed to accommodate square, channel-set rubies and round, pavé-set diamonds. The large, oval bezel-set ruby is off-centre and nestles into the side of the finger.


^ This wedding set shows how Cradle is perfect for stacking! The diamonds and Australian blue sapphire have been reused from our customer’s other jewellery pieces.

We have so much fun stacking Cradles!

How could you use the Cradle design to create your perfect wedding set?

Create Your Own Family Heirloom




For many of us, the Christmas – New Year period is a time for touching base with loved ones, full of afternoon lunches, camping trips and family photos. During this time, we can be reminded of the similarities shared between family members – for better or worse!

These things got us thinking about the role of the family heirloom and the inheritable traits we collect through our lines of ancestry. So, in some of our latest designs, we’ve been exploring the way DNA flows from past to present. For example, You might see your grandfather’s smile in your son or share your Aunt’s flair for creativity.

Our new collection, ‘Portrait’, (below)explores the world of hereditary DNA: how the make-up of who we are is, in part, based on our family members before us. Each design in this collection represents varying combinations of DNA sequences. Our DNA has its own language whereby each molecule is made up of 4 types of bases (G, T, A, C) that forms into various sequential patterns. Similarly, the base design for the ‘Portrait’ pieces includes a pattern of 4 pointed diamond shapes symbolising the GTAC  bases. From this model, a range of design elements can be added to paint a variety of portraits – much like a family!




A Custom Family Heirloom

These custom-designed contemporary family heirlooms are imbedded with ideas of family heritage and the passing-down of inheritance.


Family gold was melted down and refashioned into this sweet pendant for our client’s daughter.



What have you inherited from your family?

What will you pass on to the next generation?

What kind of family heirloom could you create with Bilingual? 


Our Favourite Christmas Gift Ideas

With just 7 weeks to go – now is the time to start getting those Christmas gifts sorted or at least start dropping some hints! This festive season it’s easy to say spoil yourself and your closest ones…..but when there are so many lovely pieces, which shall you choose?  We have put together our favourite Christmas gift ideas with some fabulous treasures that are sure to be …..treasured!

Christmas Gift Ideas Under $200


1. Mini Shadow earrings in sterling silver $195  2. Quad Tunnel earrings in sterling silver $115  3. Woven stud earrings in sterling silver $175  4. Serpent leaf pendant in sterling silver with 45cm chain $155  5. Wisdom bracelet in sterling silver with freshwater pearl $165  6. Cirque rings in sterling silver $195 ea. 

Christmas Gift Ideas $200-$400

Christmas_Gift_Guide_2016_200-400_jewellery_good_price_gold_silver_pearl_modern_unique_australian_sustainable1. Serpent drop pearl pendant in 9ct yellow gold $365  2. Serpent earrings in 9ct yellow gold with black pearls $395  3. Shadow bangle in sterling silver $355  4. Cradle ring in sterling silver with blue sapphire $365  5. Woven hoop earrings in sterling silver $215  6. Serpent leaf earrings in 9ct rose gold $395  7. Liberty cuff in sterling silver $325  8. Next cufflinks in oxidised sterling silver $245

Christmas Gift Ideas Over $400

Christmas_Gift_Guide_2016_Over_500_australian_jewellery_unique_gemstones_gold_rose_pearl_diamond_men_women_girl1. Woven bangle in 9ct yellow gold $850  2. Milestone earrings in 9ct white gold with diamonds $635  3. Milestone pendant in 9ct yellow gold with diamond $595  4. Cradle ring in 9ct yellow gold with white freshwater pearl $495  5. Lunar earrings in white gold with blue sapphires $1590  6. Lunar ring in 9ct rose gold with garnets and sapphires $1190  7. Momento Silhouette ring in sterling silver $445  8. Momento pendant in 9ct yellow gold $665


1. Custom made Family Tree from $110  2. Family Tree Vouchers from $50

Search our website for more unique and meaningful gift ideas, or come and visit us in store! We’d love to help you find the perfect gift this Christmas!

A Tour of the Rainbow: Sapphire Jewellery Designs


Sapphire jewellery isn’t all blue! At Bilingual, we love to use a range of colour in our sapphire jewellery designs. The gemstone offers a great strength, versatility and colour range! With such wonderful and exciting design possibilities, it’s no wonder that they feature in our designs more often than any other stone, besides diamonds.

We’ve used just about every colour of the rainbow of this September birthstone! Here, we look back at are some of the beauties we’ve worked with…


Colourless white sapphires pick up the colours around them – including their setting. They are a beautiful gemstone, and while they are both rare and durable, they are more affordable than diamonds and a great gem choice for many jewelry designs. Here, they sparkle in our ‘Milestone‘ earrings and ‘Cradle Stone‘ ring.





Two brilliant pink sapphires feature in our lovely Lunar ring. One square, vivid pink sapphire sits on the tip of our classic Cradle design. And twelve channel-set pink sapphires were used in a custom designed ring commemorating our client’s mother.




Yellow sapphires are fresh and fun – and not to be confused with citrine! Use them as a bright contrast to white gold or a subtle match with yellow gold. This custom-made hexagonal styled ring represents the idea of ‘day vs. night, summer vs. winter, joy vs. sorrow’, featuring white and yellow sapphires set in white gold. The yellow sapphire in our ‘Trace‘ ring is designed to create the illusion of a continuous band.

Chiara_yellow_sapphire_ring_custom_design_white_gold_bilingual yellow_sapphire_trace_gold_ring_bilingual_design


Deep, mysterious and romantic – green sapphires are a unique and sophisticated choice in jewellery design. Uncommon yet elegant, these marquise-cut gems (below) are beautifully paired with white and rose gold combinations and exude a natural confidence.



With variations of colour ranging from yellow-green or blue-green, parti-coloured sapphires (top)are always exciting! Sera and James’ wedding rings feature a parti-sapphire in the groom’s band and a stunning oval-cut parti-sapphire in the bride’s engagement ring (bottom). Our Salvation ring (middle) was adapted to hold a cushion-cut parti-sapphire in a unique, geometric design for our client.


bilingual_salvation_parti_sapphire_ring_geometric_contemporary_jewellery_design_custom_australia unique_parti_sapphire_white_gold_ring_custom_design_diamonds_australian



The most commonly known colour of sapphire, the blue variety offers a range of classic and unique options. From dark Australian blue, to light and fresh Ceylons, blue sapphires have a wide range of personalities! These diamonds and Australian blue sapphire (below) have been re-used from our customer’s other jewellery pieces to create an elegant wedding set incorporating out ‘Cradle’ design.


This feminine engagement ring (above) features two stunning Ceylon and Australian sapphires set in white gold with a lovely twisted band. To create the pieces pictured below  for herself and her daughter, our client reused stones from her mother’s wedding jewellery. The ring was adapted one of our collection designs: Act Un.



The design for these sapphire earrings was inspired by a family heirloom and echo a traditional mix of white pave set diamonds and rich blue sapphires. But this is where the tradition ends as the trillion-cut stones adorn the earrings in lieu of a typical oval shape, while pave diamonds create a mirrored form to balance the sapphires.


Our striking Ratio stone ring is beautifully handcrafted with your choice of diamonds or sapphires. The above ring shows a unique combination of  round Ceylon sapphire and pear-cut Australian dark blue sapphire. This custom bracelet (below) was inspired by blackberries and features delicious dark blue sapphires!


Lastly, this custom engagement ring is based on the idea of the couple being very alike and just a little bit different. The shape of the large cushion-cut sapphire is repeated in the diamonds that frame it. Yet this ‘halo’ effect tapers back in the centre to break away from echoing the shape of the sapphire completely, thus being a little ‘different’. This ring design also incorporates a sense of fun, with the ring shank being a playful shape. The three sides represent three years of being together.


Much less common than traditional blue, purple sapphires are also able to naturally change color in different lighting. Unique in so many ways, this custom cushion-cut purple sapphire engagement ring is supported with two white sapphires.




Mined mainly in Australia, the dramatically elegant black sapphire is a nearly opaque stone whose color is so dark that it appears to absorb all light that enters it. While they share the same colour, the black star sapphire is a variety that gains its name from the unique crystal structures that reflect light in the shape of a star. This custom-made ring (below) features a Black Star sapphire cabochon set in a yellow gold bezel.



This black sapphire sits prominently in our new ‘centre Cradle’ design and is perfect for stacking with a standard ‘Cradle‘ or our ‘Cradle Pave‘ ring. Available in any colour of stone or metal, what combination would you create? How could we use sapphires in a unique custom-design piece for you?

Bilingual: This Year in Contemporary Jewellery


It has been an exciting year for contemporary jewellery, here at Bilingual! With a wide range of custom projects for all occasions and some fresh additions to our collection, we’ve certainly been busy! The creative paths we’ve taken over the past 12 months have explored a range of innovative design solutions. But we’ve also noticed several strong elements…



Pared-down designs, reduced to simple forms, have provided modern, sophisticated and versatile contemporary jewellery choices. While the Eclipse range and Liberty Cuff have continued to be well loved, our clients have also enjoyed making subtle alterations that acknowledge their own unique style, personality and ideas. Clever decisions in metal, finish, proportion and line make all the difference!

Liberty_gold_cuff_two_tone_silver_white_modern_simple_plain_custom_design_horseshoeorbit_matt_silver_black_bangle_357_contemporary_bold_sleek contemporary jewellerymini_shadow_pendant_rose_gold_silver_chain



Our signature ‘Cradle‘ design has undergone numerous transformations this year as it has been embraced as a foundation for many new contemporary jewellery pieces – both custom and as part of our collection. Perfect for stacking, it lends well to both wedding jewellery and casual, every-day wear.


The slimline design in our new Cradle Pavé Ring features a row of brilliant diamonds that can be matched and stacked with our other Cradle rings. Available in rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, silver and platinum, this little stunner is also perfect for a wedding band and can accompany a custom made Cradle engagement ring. If you want to get more creative, the Cradle Pavé Ring can be made with your choice of any precious gemstones.

crade_black_Pearl_ring_silver_gold_stack contemporary jewellery

We’ve been having so much fun stacking on the layers of the new Keshi & Freshwater Pearl collections! There are so many ways to wear them – see if you can find your favourite combinations, HERE.


Stones can be placed in various positions along the face of the cradle, which makes the design versatile for combining with other rings!


These diamonds and Australian blue sapphire have been reused from other jewellery pieces that belonged to our client.

How could we use your favourite stones in a Cradle design?



From Tahitian grey to Freshwater white, pearls have been a favourite in contemporary jewellery this year! We’ve incorporated conceptual designs to give this classic water-stone a fresh place in our lives.

black_tahitian_pearl_bracelet_rose_qhite_gold_unique_custom_design_elegant_contemporary jewelleryPearl basket rose gold tahitian white custom contemporary jewellery

This custom-made ring and bangle set features a light grey Tahitian pearl, which is more rare than darker, black pearls. It is encased in a net of white gold and subtly complimented with 18ct rose gold. A very striking result!

gold pearl ring custom design classic

Fiona’s custom-designed ring promotes a stunning white freshwater pearl, which is softly supported with a wave of 9ct gold.

Pea Brooch custom design pearl silver hand made

Daniel had this brooch custom-made of silver and pearls and presented it to Rebecca this Mother’s Day. The three pearls represent their three children and the brooch celebrates 10 years of marriage together.

wisdom_freshwater_flat_pearl_pendant_wire_gold_necklace_designer_custom_australia_sydney_contemporary jewellery

Our new Wisdom collection was inspired by the cycle of learning. Including a pendant, bracelet and earrings, it reflects on the relationships of elders teaching younger children and likewise, elders learning from the young. The feature pearl piece sits between two loops, one larger in scale and the other smaller, to symbolise the passing of wisdom between generations. Thus the orientation of these loops offers two ways in which it can be worn.



Complementary custom designs have been embraced as a romantic notion in wedding and commitment rings. Designed to honour the couple’s unique connection, complimentary wedding bands possess elements that represent differences yet complement each-other; distinct yet united.


These commitment rigs were created re-using diamonds that the couple had. Both rings are set in white gold and while the outer faces of the bands are different, both share an internal layer of yellow gold.

echo_matching_complimntary_designer_wedding_rings_custom_band_imprint_contemporary jewellery

The ‘Echo’ wedding collection reflects a couple’s unique connection with a hidden pattern of the bride’s ring within the groom’s strong, contemporary band: a romantic secret! We have a variety of patterns available or can create a unique pattern just for you!

matching_wedding_rings_gold_hearts_yellow_white_cusom_dsign_hollow_cut-out_contemporary jewellery

The design for this set of complimentary wedding bands was based on the concept of hearts and arrows. The gold imprints on the interior of the groom’s ring echoes the gold heart pattern in the bride’s ring. This custom set is an adaptation of our ‘Echo‘ design range.

sapphire_wedder_white_gold_bride_groom_contemporary jewellery

Another wedding set adapted from our ‘Echo‘ design, the bride’s wedding band features sixteen Australian sapphires (symbolising 2016, the year of their wedding), which are echoed as an imprint on the inside of the groom’s ring. His ring is designed to follow the natural angle of the hand.



Engraving and initials can be a great way of adding a personal touch to a gift or commemorative jewellery piece! This year we’ve noticed a new love and appreciation for hand-engraving in contemporary jewellery design, coupled with the desire for unique, personalised gifts.

cufflinks_initials_name_personalised_custom_silver_white_gold_contemporary jewellery

What a great gift idea: personalised cufflinks! Perfect for graduations, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, promotions – and any other celebration, really! Customise as you please with your choice of metal, initials and gemstone options.

Duncan had this butterfly pendant custom-made for his wife, with the nicknames of their children engraved on the back.


Marta made this pendant for her mum’s birthday. It takes the shape of a ‘K’, the first initial of her mother’s name. The orientation of the “K” creates a subtlety that Bilingual jewellery is renowned for. Her name is also engraved on the base of the pendant. The white diamonds takes centre stage when looped onto a fine rose gold chain which blends with the skin. A contemporary pendant for a classy mum!



You’ve probably noticed that rose gold has gained a lot of attention this year! As a metal that subtly blends with most skin tones, it is a sophisticated choice for wedding bands or pieces that are designed to highlight stand-out features, like a gemstones. Both contemporary and elegant, it’s an everlasting favourite.


The colouring of these comfort-fit bands offers a subtle alternative to more traditional yellow gold as they blend with the skin tone of their wearers.

Engagement Cassie_contemporary jewellery_diamond_brilliant_white_rose_gold

Matthew proposed to Cassie with this stunning two-tone rose and white gold ring. He liked the symbolism of the two metals coming together and wanted to present her with an elegant ring that had a unique presence without being too ‘showy’. Naturally, Cassie was thrilled!


The rose gold setting of this eternity band cause the black and white diamonds to appear as though they are floating against the skin.


For this wedding band, the groom knew exactly what he wanted! The result was a two-tone matte rose and polished white gold band, with a comfort fit on the inside. The slim, white gold element stands out against the subtlety of the rose gold, which adds structural durability to the piece.



Sapphire_engagement_Ring_Rose_Gold_Diamonds_contemporary jewellery

This beauty has a unique sparkle as it features a brilliant parti-coloured sapphire set in a rose gold and diamond band. This design awards the sapphire prime position!

opal_contemporary_ring_australian_blue_large_diagonal_oval_contemporary jewellery

Julie has had this magnificent opal in her family for years. Now, it features prominently on her hand in this modern, diagonal design!

green_tsavorite_garnet_earrings_rose_gold_gem_stone_stud_unique_customThe green tsavorite garnets in these earrings sure do stand out! When worn, the rose gold blends into the background as the gemstones take centre stage!

Sue had this stunning piece created from eight other rings that she had inherited. The yellow topaz is a gorgeous feature piece, beautifully complemented by a host of brilliant pavé diamonds.

February’s birthstone adorns this contemporary jewellery piece, custom-made in the style of our ‘Discovery‘ ring. The off-centre, minimalist style allows the emerald-cut amethyst to truly shine!


What has caught your eye this year?