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From the Cradle: A Versatile and Unique Stacking Ring


Over the years, our ‘Cradle’ design has been embraced as a versatile, fun and unique stacking ring! From its debut as a Bilingual collection piece in 2012 to its incorporation into one-off custom rings, this simple design has offered a great range of versatility in it’s ability to adapt a variety of metal choices, gemstones and stacking combinations. This versatility allows a great degree of personalisation, making ‘Cradle’ an attractive option for wedding sets.

The Original Cradle

The inspiration behind the Cradle collection lies in the sense of protection and warmth that comes from an embrace.

The ergonomic design, with its rounded interior, results in an extremely comfortable fit. Due to the ‘D’ shape, the ring is able to slide over the knuckle sideways and then twists to lock in place, stopping it from spinning on the finger.


This innovation makes the cradle shape sit properly as a stacking ring and provides a perfect foundation to display gemstones! When creating unique stacking ring combinations, points of variance can be made with different metal combinations, stones, thicknesses, colour and shape of the top bar.



^ Classic Cradle in rose, yellow and white gold.

Side Stones

The versatility of the Cradle design is enhanced by its ability to adopt a wide variety of gemstones and settings to create unique stacking ring combinations. Over the years, it has supported various colours, cuts and carats in both Bilingual collection pieces and custom designs.

The off-set stone placement (below) allows stones to sit flat against the hand. This can be particularly useful when incorporating larger stones into a ring and enables the bezel to sit comfortably with other rings.
White _Sapphire_Cradle_modern_australian_ring_design_yellow_gold_9ct_engagement_wedding_Unique_stacking_ring_different_combinations_stackers_creative_australian_designer_jewellery_versatile_classic_trendy_new_fashion_silver_gold_rose_whitegreen_sapphire_leaf_marquise_rose_gold_cradle_ring_bilingual_design_australia_white_Unique_stacking_ring_different_combinations_stackers_creative_australian_designer_jewellery_versatile_classic_trendy_new_fashion_silver_gold_rose_whiteCradle_ring_yellow_gold_pink_square_Sapphire_unique_stacking_ring_different_combinations_stackers_creative_australian_designer_jewellery_versatile_classic_trendy_new_fashion_silver_gold_rose_white

 ^ White round sapphire set in 9ct yellow gold; green marquise sapphire set in 9ct rose gold; pink square sapphire set in 9ct yellow gold.

The signature Cradle shape was quickly adapted into the Milestone ring (below), which commemorates a moment in time. Inspired by the notion of a historical timeline, the top of the ring forms a line that is pin-pointed with a bezel-set stone to reflect a significant moment. The bezel also subtly features a date in Roman numerals along the outside face.Unique_stacking_ring_different_combinations_stackers_creative_australian_designer_jewellery_versatile_classic_trendy_new_fashion_silver_gold_rose_white_two_tone_diamond_white_sapphire_gemstoneUnique_stacking_ring_different_combinations_stackers_creative_australian_designer_jewellery_versatile_classic_trendy_new_fashion_silver_gold_rose_white_wedding_set_large_diamond_gemstone_two_tone

^ The Milestone + Cradle combination has had success as a customisable wedding set, enhanced by its ability of incorporate a variety of gemstones, metals and thicknesses, as well as display the special date in Roman numerals.

keshi_pearl_freshwater_collection_cradle_oxidised_textures_white_yellow_rose_gold_silver_stack_stacking_ring_Unique_stacking_ring_different_combinations_stackers_creative_australian_designer_jewellery_versatile_classic_trendy_new_fashion_silver_gold_rose_white^ Keshi & Freshwater Pearl Cradles – do you have a favourite stacking combination? Find the range, here.

Centre Stones

Our 2016 Design Show revealed new additions to the Cradle family with fresh centrestone designs. These centered, elevated bezels are perfect for stacking and allow the rings to sit snugly with other Cradle designs.

^ Centre Cradle rings: 9ct yellow gold with a 7mm black sapphire; sterling silver with an oval amethyst.

Cradle Pavé

Cradle Pavé  adopts the classic slimline Cradle design but also features a row of brilliant pavé-set diamonds that can be matched up and stacked with our other rings. Available in rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, silver and platinum, this little stunner is perfect for a wedding band and can accompany a custom made Cradle engagement ring. If you want to get more creative, the Cradle Pavé ring can be made with your choice of any precious gemstones!


^ (Top) White gold Pavé with diamonds paired with rose gold; (Above) The Cradle Pavé in white gold pairs perfectly with this Centre Cradle, featuring a stunning round white sapphire! Find it in our collection, here.

Custom Cradles

Do you have your own vision for a unique stacking ring combination? We can help you create your own Cradle!  Why not re-use your old stones and gold and personalise the design to suit you?


^ Lara’s custom rose gold rings have adapted our classic Cradle design to feature a white freshwater pearl and a light blue Ceylon sapphire. Versatile, interchangeable, stackable – we’re sure she’ll have a lot of fun with these little gems!

^ The Cradle design is also able to cater to different shaped stones, such as this large, oval opal. This custom-made white gold ring features diamonds either side of the captivating oval-shaped opal and stacks with a minimal white gold bar ring. The shape has been slightly altered to accommodate the stones and create adequate length.


^ To create this custom white gold and diamond ring, our client reused stones from two different rings. A particular point of difference is the use of a princess-cut diamond instead of a round. We think it looks great!


^ Sera came to us with this stunning (and huge!!!) aquamarine. The shape of our Cradle design was perfect for allowing the stone to sit securely on her finger without being too high and cumbersome. The side-setting enables the stone to nestle between the fingers, while the ‘D’ shape of the ring stops the stone from spinning around.


^ Joanne added her round Australian blue sapphire, complete with its own bexel, to a flush row of hammer-set diamonds.


^ This unique stacking ring set is designed to accommodate square, channel-set rubies and round, pavé-set diamonds. The large, oval bezel-set ruby is off-centre and nestles into the side of the finger.


^ This wedding set shows how Cradle is perfect for stacking! The diamonds and Australian blue sapphire have been reused from our customer’s other jewellery pieces.

We have so much fun stacking Cradles!

How could you use the Cradle design to create your perfect wedding set?