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How We Transform Your Old Jewellery

We often transform jewellery that people don’t wear into custom designs that they love! Mary loved the smokey quartz in this ring (below), but she never wore it. So she came to us for help. We gave her ring new life by transforming it into a special pendant, custom-designed just for her.

This is how the process works:

1. Bring in your old jewellery and chat with us about your ideas.


2. We sketch some design options for you.


3. We give your old jewellery new life by melting it down and re-forming it into a brand new design.


4.  Voila! You have a new custom-designed piece to wear and love! Here’s Mary with her new pendant!


How could we transform your old jewellery?


How to Wear Jewellery this Winter

Our winter wardrobes are prone to jewellery disasters! Claws catch on knits, earrings are whipped out with the scarf and chains get lost in the layers. So as the cold sets in and the layers pile on, what jewellery is best equipped to survive the chilly season with style and practicality?

1. Sleek, Solid Bangles

Winter Jewellery Shadow Bangle

A winter bangle needs to be able to hold its own among thick sleeves but also comfortably accommodate a jacket. This winter, opt for something solid and streamline like our sterling silver ‘Shadow’ bangle.

2. Flat Studs or Smart Hooks

Winter Jewellery Bilingual Aria Earrings

Beware of large studs and hook earrings that can get caught up in jumpers and scarves. Think about wearing studs that nestle in close or hooks with clever streamlined lock-in designs like our ‘Aria’ earrings.

3. Feature Pendants

Winter Jewellery Bilingual Momento Pendant

Necklaces tend to lose out in winter as they either become lost in layers of clothing or are too bulky to wear with coats and scarves. We recommend a middle-ground piece that can be worn as a clean, clear feature, such as our ‘Momento’ pendant.