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Sapphires | Special Interest

Sapphires -  Custom made jewellery

The Sapphire is one of the earliest gems known to man, Sapphires are found in riverbeds and torrents and still to this day are found under these conditions within locations around the world. In Australia Sapphires are found in Central Queensland in Anakie, Glenalva, Rubyvale and Sapphire.  Whilst NSW also has a good stock of sapphires in Inverell and Glen Innes areas. Australian Sapphire miners have been producing commercial quantities of the gemstone for over 50 years.

Today the wide range of colours and hue available attract a new crowd of buyers seeking not only health benefits but also symbolism and beauty. Sapphires come in many different colours including Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green Parti and even Red. Traditionally though, Blue Sapphires are the most famous of the colours and also some of the most valuable. Sapphires have been favoured across the ages by dignitaries and monarchies with the British Royal family particularly fond of rich blue sapphires with many seen within the Royal Crown Jewels in London.

The sapphire is said to have reported healing benefits as well as helping with depression and learning difficulties, relieving stress and tension. The “Celestial” sapphire is a symbol of the sky and the heavens and is said to ensure good health, innocence and truth. Other uses for sapphires are It is the birthstone for the month of September and it also symbolizes sincerity and faithfulness and is an excellent choice for an engagement ring. It is also the traditional wedding anniversary gift for a couple’s 5th and 45th year.

We have access to some beautiful Australian sapphires in a range of colours and cuts. Let us source one that is perfect for you. Or perhaps you may have some sapphire jewellery lying in the bottom of a drawer, why not get in touch and we can create a new custom ring for you & give your sapphire new life!