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Marta Niegowska - Bilingual Design

Welcome to Bilingual Design

Welcome to the Bilingual Design blog and thank you for joining us in our journey. Bilingual is a 100% Australian owned and operated design label. We design and create unique jewellery and objects that enable both men & women to express their individuality. Our collections comprise mostly of rings, including wedding rings, neck pieces, bangles, earrings and contemporary family trees.

Marta Niegowska our founder creates only one exclusive collection each year. Our collections are locally made, timeless, contemporary and concept driven whereby every piece reflects a story that relates directly to how and why it was designed. Thereby giving each piece longevity, which is a nice alternative to the fashion houses of today, where “it” pieces come and go each season.

We design and explore various ideas through our pieces that induce humour or provoke thought. More than just a beautiful adornment, wearers of our designs are drawn to concepts as much as our craftsmanship. Each piece of custom designed jewellery goes on a journey through the design process of sketching out initial ideas before moving on to paper models and then finally experimenting with wax prototypes.

After a piece is crafted in metal, we wear the piece extensively to make sure comfort and wearability are of an exceptionally high standard. It is this attention to detail and assurance of quality that has our clients referring their friends and family at every opportunity.

Some of our most popular designs are our custom made wedding rings with clients thrilled to have a one off exclusive ring created to symbolise the most important union of their life.

Do visit us online, browse our galleries or give us a call on 0420 961 312 so that you can be on the way to owning a classic Bilingual collection piece, a custom hand crafted piece of jewellery or a Bilingual Family Tree.

Stay tuned for Product news, upcoming events, guest posts and special interest posts.